Ski safari

Skiing along the rapids of the Kalix River
-a fantastic and scenic experience!

The ski safari begins at Kamlungeforsen.
The route will be somewhat depending on snow conditions. 
If we have crust snow, the tour starts above the Kamlungeforsen, otherwise we’ll start just below the rapids. 

We’ll ski downstream along snowmobile tracks, encountering wonderfully scenic views with occasional open water stretches.

We’ll see what nature has in store for us today!

On one of the trips, a deer walked along the river, taking refuge across the river at one of the snowmobile crossings. We have also encountered elk/moose along the route! 
You will probably notice hare tracks in the snow, and if you are lucky, you might get a glimpse of these shy creatures. 

We’ll take a coffee break at Neupolaforsen, with hot drinks and sandwiches. 

We’ll pause to capture some great photos of your adventure.

The tour concludes at Kalix Riverside Inn.

Be prepared:

Clothing suitable for the weather and your own skiing equipment.

Distance approximately 6 km.

Duration 2-3 hours.


Guide who will safely and confidently lead you along the river.

Hot beverage and sandwich.

Price: 360 SEK per person.